Java & Chai - Tea Room

Java & Chai has been a Tea Room in Hayes since 2014.

Our aim has always been to promote quality tea services offering cream teas and afternoon teas to the local community where we hope we make a difference.

Our journey has taken our shop though some creative changes in order to meet some alternative needs for our customers.

This year, we are proud to provide a modern and caring concept driven by the slogans "Think Organic" and " Think Zero Packaging". We will still  serve our tea, coffee and cake. However, our focus will be in offering you ethical products and produce from organic fruit and veg, rice, pasta and pulses olives and oils to ethical cleaning and beauty products Not forgetting our own high tech nut crusher. 

"Watch While Your Own Organic Peanut Butter is Being Created Before You Eyes" . Plus many more possibilities.

We hope to you soon we will be happy to serve you.