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Java & Chai started as a Tea Room in Hayes in 2014.

Our aim was to promote a quality tea services offering cream teas and afternoon teas to the local community where we hoped to make a difference. Our journey has taken our shop though some creative changes in order to meet our customers needs and requirements.

From 2020 we were proud to provide a modern and caring concept driven by the slogans "Think Organic" and " Think Zero Packaging".

We still  serve our tea, coffee and cake, however our kitchen and seating area is closed for breakfast and lunch.

We have two high tech nut crushers so you can watch while your own organic Peanut, Almond or Cashew butter is Being created before your eyes .

In our shop we sell nuts, dried fruit, pasta, flour, tea, coffee, cereal, spices, rape oil also ethical domestic home and personal cosmetic cleaning and beauty products  which you can refill your empty containers with plus a lot more!

So take a look at those emptying  containers you have that are destined for the bin and think REFILL not REPLACE.

We hope to you soon and we will be happy to serve you.